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Imaginative, intriguing, relaxed

I love getting to know new people, hearing their stories and sharing mine as I show them the city I was born in. I love the unexpected and gaining new perspectives: what is most surprising is often most fulfilling.

So it is that the visitors I guide also become my teachers, opening up a whole new world for me, even in a place that I might have been to a thousand times. Where-ever you are going, if you are going there with a new soul, perception about things once so familiar can change forever. This is what I love about guiding. You never know where it will take you and what you will end up learning.

I am an active person who likes creating, exploring and who craves for adventures. I believe that there’s no single way to explore a city. The way you see it depends on your viewpoint, the weather and the mood of the group. But one thing I do know is that Baku has all it takes to make any kind of person fall in love with it; entrancing with its beauty, intriguing with its food, surprising with its history and culture and slowly revealing a world of fascinating secrets. Come, fall in love and enjoy!

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